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Rule first

It follows from the above that in no case it is impossible to give the baby a multicomponent juices, until you have not seen a response to each of the components juice this mixture.This, incidentally, applies to all the others but o foods vegetables, fruits, meat.Rule first individually and then in the mix must be adhered to!WHAT JUICES FIT YOUR BABY?First it is best to enter into the diet baby carrot and Apple juice.They can easily do in the home, but it is better to buy the special Cake for your child from the first months and older real baby juices why, I will discuss in the Chapter On bathe juice for the baby.

They must

They must to be at the same level ..At survey side well you can see the curvature of the spinal post at different levels .Spin can be round, flat, with a significant the curvature in the lumbar spine .Please attention to the shape of the abdomen .Very protruding stomach is a sign spinal deformity or weakness muscle tissue of the stomach.How to prevent scoliosis .Provide the child the correct mode rest and physical activities load allows PART I I.CHILDHOOD DISEASES the lamp must be alternated with a rest at the lying position.

We need

To complementary feeding should be approached very answer the divine.We need to start with small amounts less than teaspoon, gradually increasing volume.Otherwise there is a risk to expose the infant stress and to provoke intolerance of one form or another products.Moles Matures, there's growing demand.Select lures WHEN AND HOW YOU NEED TO ENTER THE FISHING LURES?The first introduce complementary foods at the age from to IU months.Specific terms may vary depending STI health status and individual stay baby.

The clap

Read, and baby let repeats movement.The clap clap your hands!Time easily hit yourself on the knees!More clap your hands Time easily hit yourself on the knees!We will pohledem now clap your hands!Now, hurry, hurry!Sleepy, sleepy more fun leaning forward quickly slepite hands in front of you!Game develops fine motor skills.Went to go!Put the crumbs in a chair, and they sit in front.Chi make a rhyme and show movement, and he let for you repeats Went quietly hands alternately lightly touch the knee, And quickly, and quickly clap hands of paperman but on his knees in an ever increasing pace, And came slightly tilt your head and put his hands on his knees Game develops a sense of rhythm and imagination.

Ellen with

Mother saw that daily homeworks usually minutes on mathematics and minutes on grammar do not make to a probla we, but when to the list it is added two more or three incomplete in a class works, Ellen starts resisting; often everything comes to an end with tears.Ellen says that tries to perform work in a class, but is very occupied another matters.Mother decided that that is necessary that to undertake.Ellen with mother met the teacher.They discussed a problem, and mother told that houses the girl copes with tasks, when better segments them and installs the timer for performance by everyone from them.

You also

Observing for your behavior, trying to copy it, the child masters and is uses new skills.Here the reasonable sequence will help rituals and expectations.You also use language, giving to the child in struktion.Through some time it will start applying the same words, first go vorya to them loudly itself to operate the on maintaining.the internal voice which will be will gradually develop to hear only he.We should not replace frontal lobes reben all his life.As soon as it has an internal voice, it will be able to carry out these functions itself.

NOTE when

Then sa economically story, passing the basic meaning heard and eating the exact words and expressions.NOTE when rereading adult skips to the selected word dei of a child, and calls them by memory.Remembering the sequence of the words of the action Viy text verb chain helps the child to develop the internal plan of RAS tale and, therefore, facilitates its preparation.By C.Bianchi HEDGEHOG SAVIOR Masha awoke early in the morning, jumped up from the bed and how was Bosi com ran into the woods to pick berries.

The lock result

When feeding the kid at first greedy is enough the nipple, and then suddenly starts shouting, be curved, refuse unexpectedly from breasts though mother knows that it is hungry.And at some children it is observed opposite picture locks, the child can recover only with the help enemas.The lock result of that breast milk badly is digested.Dysbacteriosis at newborns is connected with violations of microbic flora at mothers, at the personnel is maternity hospital and other people to whom contacts newborn child.The interesting fact is noticed than later newborn it is attached to a breast, the it is more at it than chances to get dysbacteriosis.

Therefore, in the future

Therefore, in the future elementary schools will accept children like ours, I am able shchy to read and write, able to look after themselves; able to put on, undress and to wash properly; children familiar with rules of good behavior and politeness and quite disciplined in high sense of this word; children who developed and grow in freedom; children who not only quite own the articulate speech, but in initial degree and graphic language and which start practising in the logical speech.Such children say words distinctly, write with a firm hand and in the movements are full of grace; they are representatives of the mankind which grew in a beauty stump, infantile faziz victorious mankind; they are reasonable and patient observers of the environment, and a form their intellectual freedoms gift of spontaneous, direct judgment.

They can start

They sometimes torture sya to start talking to the schoolmate, the brother, the teacher or someone from give rise pour or distract on the events around.They can start playing the fool, not to obey or complain of fatigue actually complex challenges really tire some children.They are not ready simply ska to zat I do not know how to make it.Of course, some it is honest in it at are known, but it is too frequent on this truthful statement parents or teachers answer Of course, you know how to make it.It is simple.

Duck vostrovostro

The pignose of polyvore snout they dug up the holes did not dorila.Aquatic wind pulled out the gate like a pinwheel, grumpy Raven stole yesterday's cheesecake.Duck vostrovostro dived Yes surfaced, surfaced Yes dived.Caught Valery half a bucket of trout, treated trout Darya and Lucero.About twenty years ago when my children were very mA legkimi, and I was not a psychologist, a mother's intuition gave me a great way of educational influence effects telling is instructive fairy tales.These were folk and author of fairy tales, tales alterations and tales invented for specific situations.

When the baby

The main indicator that the chosen mixture Ho well absence of negative reactions from the side of authorities mechanism baby and good appetite.When the baby sucks the bottle willingly, putting on weight, problems for the devil pakeista no need to continue to feed it this product.Not worth it without the need to change nutrient the mix!In this case, the monotony not bad, baby gets all the necessary nutrients and minerals, when he specalised to a specific food, and subject it unnecessary stress, changing loved and astray living his mix, absolutely not necessary!

Now you run around

I'm a strong, the strongest in the class!I the son of a king of beasts!Imperial power not to fists swinging Yes classmates to offend.The Imperial power of restraint and calm according.Now you run around me, flashed before my eyes, as fussy fly, and I I'm not taking my eyes from the kid.My strength in restraint and calm.For me other animals respect, that anyone in vain do not rush.Listened to the little lion cub older brother and went to mother lioness Tell me, Mama, why am I not respected, no one want to be friends?


There is a relationship

The formation of the sense of rhythm goes in parallel with the development the enterprise emotional, motor, speech, and poznavatel Noah spheres.There is a relationship between rhythmic str the ability of humans and higher mental activity and the behavior.As a rule, the concept of rhythm associated with before the concepts of dynamic phenomena in time and space defenders.Rhythmic abilities are formed at interaction according sight, hearing, movement.JOBS Listen to music.

When this

The severity of dyspnea may be different .In some cases the child for shortness of breath calmly plays, he has a good appetite , feeling normal.But at the slightest physical burden shortness of breath increases , appears blue from of the nose and around the mouth , pulled intercostal space.When this feeling is getting worse.Reasons for shortness of breath can be viral in infection, inhaled allergens house dust, pollen, fur and feather home LM the animals, food odors, sometimes high locomotor activity and the inhalation of cold air.

How to acquaint

GAMES ON the STORIES of ARTS I think that nobody will begin to argue with that art renders on people, and furthermore on small children, beneficial influence.How to acquaint kids with history of world art zhivop SI, sculptures, architecture?For a start, of course, it will be required to pick up reproductions and a fotogr fiya.It is possible to use usual albums with reproductions.But it, as a rule, very expensive editions to give them to the child for a samostoyatel regard foot you will not become.

All the time

Stewed cabbage White cabbage leaf, wheat flour h.spoons, butter h.spoons, milk glasses, water glasses, salt solution h.spoons.Cabbage to wash, remove a cabbage stump.Cabbage small to cut and extinguish with addition of water and milk.When the cabbage becomes soft, to add solution and to extinguish salts more minutes at weak boiling.All the time to stir slowly, that it was not formed flour lumps.Cutlets from cabbage White cabbage leaves, onions ?piece, vegetable oil tablespoon, milk glasses, sour cream tablespoon, sauce tablespoon, egg pieces, salt h.

In the canned

Baby same conser you produced in industrial conditions, through OC technology of preparation, keep these vitamins, and besides, they are additionally enriched with beta ka retina, iron, iodine, potassium, and vitamin C is not necessary for the child of the relevant age to licester.In the canned food no heavy metals, radionuclides and for any harmful substances STV, which can be in vegetables and fruits even with very clean suburban area.In practice it turns out that the store food you will find cheaper!

They are not recommended

Thanks to fragrant taste and valuable structure a citrus has to be component of food of children and teenagers, but in limited quantity.It is necessary to remember that a citrus can become the development reason allergic reaction.They are not recommended to be used at diseases liver, dismetabolichesky nefropatiya, an urolithic illness, limit their use and at diabetes.SPICES IN FOOD OF CHILDREN AND TEENAGERS Spices it is various substances of a phytogenesis, added to food for giving to it of spiciness and aroma.

And you feel

And in this spy glass visible gray world Bank fears and strashkin.See what fears are visible to you through this tube.Ready you are to meet them and to fight if necessary?Then let the fairy to move you closer and closer to the shore.And now fears and stretchline surround you from all sides.They are very surprised who gets on their Bank?And they access are getting closer and closer.And you feel like another moment you will be fully absorbed by them.But now you feel in the hand of solid magic wand.

It gives

Let's remember that the music teacher when gives a lesson on a grand piano does.It gives to the pupil pravil Nov position of a body, gives it concept about notes, shows it compliance between the written note and key, gives statement to fingers, and then orders to do to the child exercise independently.If you wish to make the pianist of this child, between concepts, it is taught ny the teacher, and musical game the long period of patient exercises has to leak, the fingers developing flexibility coordination of special muscular movements has to become automatic, and muscles of hands have to get stronger in often repeating exercises.


Psychologists emphasize ages especially bright display certain fears years the fear animals, dark, night terrors; years the fear of insects, water, height, fairytale characters; years the fear of misfortunes, fires, catastrophes, fear of school; from to years of fear to die or fear of death in family [, ].Fears may arise follow those who afraid, and as a reaction to emotionally sensitive situation fear, severe illness of relatives and friends, intractable the conflict in children's institution, the family, and so on.

Powder Dzhonsons

For this purpose it is useful to use the special moistening means, for example the moisturizing soap, the moisturizing lotions preventing an obvetrivaniye and drying of skin in hot weather; the moisturizing creams.However excessive moistening brings to to friction of skin.Powder Dzhonsons of baby, Byubkhen absorbs surplus of moisture and reduces friction between skin and surrounding fabric and in skin folds.One more important aspect of care of skin of kids of early age restriction of impact on skin of sunshine is.


We told you about the cons of vaccination and their advantages which, in our opinion, more.In this section are just some practical advice for those who are not wish or is not able for whatever reason to be vaccinated.Kindergarten and school Despite the fact that under the current legislation the child does not have the right to refuse admission to kindergarten or school due to lack of necessary vaccinations, it happens all the time.The most simple and legal way to insist on pickup IU to write a rejection of vaccination the same as in the clinic.

Only at such

And in the business, whether therefore that he really felt pleasure from a sound human voice, or it eventually managed to overcome unpleasant feeling from the long deprivations of light, but the fact that during a break it approached me with a bandage in hands more than once, put it to eyes and cheerfully stamped the foot feet when felt that my hands of its zavyaza howl.Only at such experiences he found strong indications of pleasure.Y.Having quite made sure a number of experiences, like described above that all sounds of mine voices what was their force, are perceived by Victor, I tried to force, to compare him these sounds between itself.


During pregnancy the woman has to much to walk, not to be tired.Patrimonial injuries often arise at nervous, badly physically developed women having various diseases.Unfortunately, often at us gender equality very primitively is understood.Really, the woman has to be equal with the man before the law, but she on the special role of the continuer of the human race cannot bear with man equal loading.However the woman sometimes bears not only equal, but also big loading in comparison with the man.

Fish for cutlet

On garnish serve boiled potatoes.For preparation of this dish it is possible to use salmon breeds of fishes, a flounder.Cutlet weight for preparation of meatballs or fish cutlet For cutlet weight it is necessary to use fresh or well soaked the fish who is not containing bones.Most the cod, a pike perch, a haddock, a catfish, a pike approach, grouper, burbot, catfish, herring.Fish for cutlet weight is cut on pieces also pass via the meat grinder.In the received weight put soaked in milk or cold water stale bread, salt, all mix and again pass via the meat grinder.

I quietly

I quietly treat surprises .I easily adapt for changes of plans and priorities .I consider myself as flexible and easily adaptive person Your general point Key Points Organizational skills Points Organizational skills Reaction delay – Working memory Management of emotions – Beginning of work – Steady attention – Planningarrangement priorities Organization Management of Time Persistence in achievement of the purpose Metaknowledge Flexibility Your strengths the highest points Your weaknesses the lowest points Dawson P.

Than better

Remember organizational skills first of all skills, which ispol zutsya for performance of tasks.Than better we understand a situation cause and effect, importance, the reasons, etc.the it is rather smo zhy to use this information to develop the own the plan of action or to receive motivation following to the plan developed by others.Examples of such approach If you will not take medicine, at you the throat or If you again will ache you will leave the bicycle on the street, it can be caught in the rain at night and to rust.


Remembers multistage instructions if it has enough time on storing and experience Dawson P., Guar R.Your child can do everything.Chapter .Improvement of working memory Development of working memory in everyday life .Look in the face to the child when say him that it has to for to remember.Minimize all the external distracting factors, if ho Tit that the child paid attention only to you for example, vyklyu to Chita the TV or disconnect a sound.Ask the child to repeat everything that you told him.

Slush boots. A glass

At a small

spoons before feeding.At a small appetite the correct relation of adults to food matters child.It is necessary to prepare various dishes, to prepare favourite dishes for a thicket of others.At overexcitation it is possible to remove meal for some time.In hot day liquid reception unsweetened juice, sourmilk increases drinks.For elimination of avitaminosis it is necessary to enter the maximum quantity of vegetables, fruit, berries, and at a shortcoming vitamin preparations.

Ry ry ry, it is difficult

GAME RA RA RA, here's a good game.Ru ru ru, we play the game.Ro ro ro, played, drinking lemonade.Ry ry ry, it is difficult to children without games.Securing the pronunciation of sound R independently corrected rifovich Listen to every rhythm perepechenko.To correct errors.Clearly, highlighting the sound P, say them correctly.The cow at the gate, On the willow sit pasta, Forty on the road, And in the pan crows.As Roma at the threshold.Picture under your bed, I never said it again?

In addition

Fresh cheese is a product of white or slightly cream colour and has virtually no for groin.In addition to the normal, cottage cheese, kirabati by even its species such as acidophilus, calcium.Enter the cheese in a child's diet in to months.Earlier this should not be done, as in cheese contains contained a lot of protein and minerals, and kidney re the child is still not adapted to the normal excretion of metabolic products from the organism.To months baby you can give grams of cheese, to months g and in months , Follow these Nord we, as excess can cause an excessive load ku on enzyme and excretory system of the child.

The fourteenyearold

Anna will have more control option of actions Anna will know about the actions planned for her in advance Anna will receive the mobile phone Key to success Try to adhere to the initial agreement and observe behind its consequences.The fourteenyearold child can be beyond the plan, without having called parents or having called later, than it is necessary.It can do about izoyt incidentally on forgetfulness or it is intended.Perhaps, will be it is difficult to keep the chosen line when it happens similar because desire to give to the child chance or to avoid a hysterics quite natural.

I I establish

This reception a silent voice, whisper.To the child tie with a scarf eyes, or the teacher becomes behind it and says his name in a whisper from various distances.I I establish solemn silence in a class, I veil windows and I force children to close hands eyes.Then I call children on names, one behind another, in a whisper, more silent for those who closer, and more distinct for sitting far away.Each child in the twilight expects weak voice which will call it, and tensely listens attentively, ready with delight to rush on mysterious and so desired call.


Then turn his back and clearly, highlighting voice sound R, call the object from memory.Consolidation pronunciation of the sound R in words various syllabic structure.Formation skills sound syllabic analysis Display images from Annex and syllabic trailers Annex , Speak all the words, separating them into syllables.Determine the number of syllables in all the words to do this, put a hand under the lower jaw and consider her movements.Then placed STI every picture in suitable syllabic wagon.

What to pay attention

You Bor is yours, but you need to carefully weigh for and against, and among all the arguments to put in the head of a corner the most important is the safety of the baby.What to pay attention when buying canned meat First of all, look at the age reko to advise that put on the label.As already th reference was made, in Western practice meat diet usual in the past, so to these figures need pribav identification months although manufacturers have long presence existing on the Russian market, have had to adapt their products to our recommendations.

Study section

It is very important that someone from parents was in neposredstven ache proximity or at least could watch the child on the small distances, for example through a window, itself saw his behavior, but did not hope on the truthful answer.Your presence is important and therefore that you have to to encourage and strengthen positive behavior of the child.Study section of chapter .There the general is brought the follower nost which will help the child to learn to control the him pulsivny behavior.Cherished dream of parents opportunity to speak by phone, without distracting Bellows the vigorous sixyearold boy, younger from two children in a family.

What will

Erickson, that he gave elevenyearold girl, Stra giving enuresis [].Ericson And now I ask you of ogen simple question and CVD polarity of ogen simple answer.Let's say you're sitting in the toilet and mogissa, and during this time someone looks at a door.What will happen?Devochka I will freeze.Erickson Right.You will freeze and will cease mo gitisa.Once unfamiliar head will move out of the door, you can continue.You need only practice Nahath magicyte and stop nagaty and stop itself.Sometimes you will forget almost to wear, but it niego.


Caterpillar, the staircase, the Fox, the butter, polar Fox, Fox, letter, eyelashes the salsa, sugar, lead, section, sister, spoke, stage, heart tit the sun, the situation here, starlings, station, Zlatitsa, the word.Differentiation of sounds CAMPING C in phrases Listen phrases.Clearly speak, each of them times.Is not familiar words check.The dreamy.Moscow is the capital.Samples of cotton.Hairy caterpillar.Prices natural Fox.Construction of a health resort.A sample of the machine.

Do the simplest

Dolls talk.Do the simplest cook crystals that can be worn on the hand.Take a pair of socks and sew buttons on them eyes.Let dolls talk among themselves.Arrange a festive teaparty for the child.For a hundred scrap to maintain a conversation, ask questions what You want tea is cold or warm?Give you what PHE Chenier or candy?Feeding of animals.Explain to your child that a cat loves milk, dog bones, bear honey, etc.Before put him to feed toy animals.


And then, in seven years, sing dya in music school, the child suffers because that at him nothing on it luchatsya.To help the child not to lose musical abilities, absolutely it is not obligatory to be the professional musician.Besides, it is possible voob shche not to be able to play on anything.WE LEARN TO LISTEN The rattling boxes Show to the child two subjects which can make sounds, for example when stirring.The simplest option two boxes different by sight about chalk Kimi subjects.

Praise her there

On sniff!Explain that the orange and flower smell differently.The game expands the horizons, familiarizes the child with the concept of parties smell, aroma.Play queue Help your child to understand the complicated concept generosity.Give toddler his favorite toy, for example Mish ku.Talk about.what he is soft, fluffy, EXT ing.And take another toy, such as a doll.Praise her there she is beautiful and elegant!After a while drag doll baby, and his ask him to give you a bear.Tell them that those now it's your turn to play with Teddy bear, as it is with the doll.

Such primary

This system is described in the book Improbable Mark Scale of Carry Dunn Baron and Mitsi Curtice .In it there are more ideas about use scales.Such primary data are most useful, when their International Federation of Journalists but to present visually.The example is shown in fig..Fig..Quantity of reminders on housework Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday If collecting primary data and statement of the accurate purposes not for you, it is possible as the intermediate purpose to consider some Chapter .


He claims that it is easy for child to draw a vertical straight line, but that the horizontal now will turn into a curve, because the nature demands it.And this requirement of the nature it is explained to those by the fact that the person sees the horizon on a curve!Segen's example proves need of special education which would learn the person would also send to supervision his logical thought.Supervision has to be, certainly objective, from any bias.Segen in this case keeps prejudice as if geometrical drawing has to podgotovlyat the letter and it disturbs it to open the original natural process necessary for such preparation.

The teacher

It will help the teacher better on nyat organizational skills and ways of the solution of problems in a class.Here some questions connected with school, which often a cart nikat in our practice.The teacher of the daughter is sure that if she took medicine, it would become better for all.But I would prefer to try others at first methods.How to arrive?Our answer is simple the school cannot accept decision on need of drug intake.It is the sphere of responsibility parents and doctor.Perhaps, to teachers and another school rabotn Kam will be simpler to agree with your decision if you state the doubts concerning drugs.

For example

Differentiation of sounds With a in the set of words.The skills of sound analysis, development aural memory and logical thinking Listen to words.Looking at the pictures of the character of the Annexes and , to determine what sound or hid in every word.Considering sounds choose and call leash her word.In detail, explain your choice.For example Delicious dangerous socket.Extra word socket, because in it we hear a ringing sound , and in other words a dull sound S.Rooms fat called.Bunny znayka SAI yok.

A sign

Give to the child minimum in formation that he answered a question.It is possible to tell You remember, we spoke about it yesterday before going to bed or Clean свою?that?.Use other signals, for example signs, written napom naniye, lists, sounds, alarm clocks or pagers.A sign on a kitchen table Please, take a walk with a dog before you sit down at video of game on remembers to the child with insufficiently developed working memory that is necessary to make when it comes home to absence of mother.In a sluch yakh use of more noticeable reminders is justified for example, it is possible to put a bag with sportswear directly before a door, that he came across it, running out from the house.


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