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In addition

In addition Fresh cheese is a product of white or slightly cream colour and has virtually no for groin.

In addition to the normal, cottage cheese, kirabati by even its species such as acidophilus, calcium.

Enter the cheese in a child's diet in to months.

Earlier this should not be done, as in cheese contains contained a lot of protein and minerals, and kidney re the child is still not adapted to the normal excretion of metabolic products from the organism.

To months baby you can give grams of cheese, to months g and in months , Follow these Nord we, as excess can cause an excessive load ku on enzyme and excretory system of the child.

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The fourteenyearold

The fourteenyearold Anna will have more control option of actions Anna will know about the actions planned for her in advance Anna will receive the mobile phone Key to success Try to adhere to the initial agreement and observe behind its consequences.

The fourteenyearold child can be beyond the plan, without having called parents or having called later, than it is necessary.

It can do about izoyt incidentally on forgetfulness or it is intended.

Perhaps, will be it is difficult to keep the chosen line when it happens similar because desire to give to the child chance or to avoid a hysterics quite natural.

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I I establish

I I establish This reception a silent voice, whisper.

To the child tie with a scarf eyes, or the teacher becomes behind it and says his name in a whisper from various distances.

I I establish solemn silence in a class, I veil windows and I force children to close hands eyes.

Then I call children on names, one behind another, in a whisper, more silent for those who closer, and more distinct for sitting far away.

Each child in the twilight expects weak voice which will call it, and tensely listens attentively, ready with delight to rush on mysterious and so desired call.

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