For example

For example Differentiation of sounds With a in the set of words.

The skills of sound analysis, development aural memory and logical thinking Listen to words.

Looking at the pictures of the character of the Annexes and , to determine what sound or hid in every word.

Considering sounds choose and call leash her word.

In detail, explain your choice.

For example Delicious dangerous socket.

Extra word socket, because in it we hear a ringing sound , and in other words a dull sound S.

Rooms fat called.

Bunny znayka SAI yok.

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A sign

A sign Give to the child minimum in formation that he answered a question.

It is possible to tell You remember, we spoke about it yesterday before going to bed or Clean свою?



Use other signals, for example signs, written napom naniye, lists, sounds, alarm clocks or pagers.

A sign on a kitchen table Please, take a walk with a dog before you sit down at video of game on remembers to the child with insufficiently developed working memory that is necessary to make when it comes home to absence of mother.

In a sluch yakh use of more noticeable reminders is justified for example, it is possible to put a bag with sportswear directly before a door, that he came across it, running out from the house.

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