Do the simplest

Do the simplest Dolls talk.

Do the simplest cook crystals that can be worn on the hand.

Take a pair of socks and sew buttons on them eyes.

Let dolls talk among themselves.

Arrange a festive teaparty for the child.

For a hundred scrap to maintain a conversation, ask questions what You want tea is cold or warm?

Give you what PHE Chenier or candy?

Feeding of animals.

Explain to your child that a cat loves milk, dog bones, bear honey, etc.

Before put him to feed toy animals.

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WE LEARN And then, in seven years, sing dya in music school, the child suffers because that at him nothing on it luchatsya.

To help the child not to lose musical abilities, absolutely it is not obligatory to be the professional musician.

Besides, it is possible voob shche not to be able to play on anything.

WE LEARN TO LISTEN The rattling boxes Show to the child two subjects which can make sounds, for example when stirring.

The simplest option two boxes different by sight about chalk Kimi subjects.

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Praise her there

Praise her there On sniff!

Explain that the orange and flower smell differently.

The game expands the horizons, familiarizes the child with the concept of parties smell, aroma.

Play queue Help your child to understand the complicated concept generosity.

Give toddler his favorite toy, for example Mish ku.

Talk about.

what he is soft, fluffy, EXT ing.

And take another toy, such as a doll.

Praise her there she is beautiful and elegant!

After a while drag doll baby, and his ask him to give you a bear.

Tell them that those now it's your turn to play with Teddy bear, as it is with the doll.

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Such primary

Such primary This system is described in the book Improbable Mark Scale of Carry Dunn Baron and Mitsi Curtice .

In it there are more ideas about use scales.

Such primary data are most useful, when their International Federation of Journalists but to present visually.

The example is shown in fig.




Quantity of reminders on housework Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday If collecting primary data and statement of the accurate purposes not for you, it is possible as the intermediate purpose to consider some Chapter .

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Supervision He claims that it is easy for child to draw a vertical straight line, but that the horizontal now will turn into a curve, because the nature demands it.

And this requirement of the nature it is explained to those by the fact that the person sees the horizon on a curve!

Segen's example proves need of special education which would learn the person would also send to supervision his logical thought.

Supervision has to be, certainly objective, i.


free from any bias.

Segen in this case keeps prejudice as if geometrical drawing has to podgotovlyat the letter and it disturbs it to open the original natural process necessary for such preparation.

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The teacher

The teacher It will help the teacher better on nyat organizational skills and ways of the solution of problems in a class.

Here some questions connected with school, which often a cart nikat in our practice.

The teacher of the daughter is sure that if she took medicine, it would become better for all.

But I would prefer to try others at first methods.

How to arrive?

Our answer is simple the school cannot accept decision on need of drug intake.

It is the sphere of responsibility parents and doctor.

Perhaps, to teachers and another school rabotn Kam will be simpler to agree with your decision if you state the doubts concerning drugs.

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