I I establish

I I establish This reception a silent voice, whisper.

To the child tie with a scarf eyes, or the teacher becomes behind it and says his name in a whisper from various distances.

I I establish solemn silence in a class, I veil windows and I force children to close hands eyes.

Then I call children on names, one behind another, in a whisper, more silent for those who closer, and more distinct for sitting far away.

Each child in the twilight expects weak voice which will call it, and tensely listens attentively, ready with delight to rush on mysterious and so desired call.

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Consolidation Then turn his back and clearly, highlighting voice sound R, call the object from memory.

Consolidation pronunciation of the sound R in words various syllabic structure.

Formation skills sound syllabic analysis Display images from Annex and syllabic trailers Annex , Speak all the words, separating them into syllables.

Determine the number of syllables in all the words to do this, put a hand under the lower jaw and consider her movements.

Then placed STI every picture in suitable syllabic wagon.

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What to pay attention

What to pay attention You Bor is yours, but you need to carefully weigh for and against, and among all the arguments to put in the head of a corner the most important is the safety of the baby.

What to pay attention when buying canned meat First of all, look at the age reko to advise that put on the label.

As already th reference was made, in Western practice meat diet usual in the past, so to these figures need pribav identification months although manufacturers have long presence existing on the Russian market, have had to adapt their products to our recommendations.

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Study section

Study section It is very important that someone from parents was in neposredstven ache proximity or at least could watch the child on the small distances, for example through a window, itself saw his behavior, but did not hope on the truthful answer.

Your presence is important and therefore that you have to to encourage and strengthen positive behavior of the child.

Study section of chapter .

There the general is brought the follower nost which will help the child to learn to control the him pulsivny behavior.

Cherished dream of parents opportunity to speak by phone, without distracting Bellows the vigorous sixyearold boy, younger from two children in a family.

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What will

What will Erickson, that he gave elevenyearold girl, Stra giving enuresis [].

Ericson And now I ask you of ogen simple question and CVD polarity of ogen simple answer.

Let's say you're sitting in the toilet and mogissa, and during this time someone looks at a door.

What will happen?

Devochka I will freeze.

Erickson Right.

You will freeze and will cease mo gitisa.

Once unfamiliar head will move out of the door, you can continue.

You need only practice Nahath magicyte and stop nagaty and stop itself.

Sometimes you will forget almost to wear, but it niego.

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Clearly Caterpillar, the staircase, the Fox, the butter, polar Fox, Fox, letter, eyelashes the salsa, sugar, lead, section, sister, spoke, stage, heart tit the sun, the situation here, starlings, station, Zlatitsa, the word.

Differentiation of sounds CAMPING C in phrases Listen phrases.

Clearly speak, each of them times.

Is not familiar words check.

The dreamy.

Moscow is the capital.

Samples of cotton.

Hairy caterpillar.

Prices natural Fox.

Construction of a health resort.

A sample of the machine.

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