What will

What will Erickson, that he gave elevenyearold girl, Stra giving enuresis [].

Ericson And now I ask you of ogen simple question and CVD polarity of ogen simple answer.

Let's say you're sitting in the toilet and mogissa, and during this time someone looks at a door.

What will happen?

Devochka I will freeze.

Erickson Right.

You will freeze and will cease mo gitisa.

Once unfamiliar head will move out of the door, you can continue.

You need only practice Nahath magicyte and stop nagaty and stop itself.

Sometimes you will forget almost to wear, but it niego.

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Clearly Caterpillar, the staircase, the Fox, the butter, polar Fox, Fox, letter, eyelashes the salsa, sugar, lead, section, sister, spoke, stage, heart tit the sun, the situation here, starlings, station, Zlatitsa, the word.

Differentiation of sounds CAMPING C in phrases Listen phrases.

Clearly speak, each of them times.

Is not familiar words check.

The dreamy.

Moscow is the capital.

Samples of cotton.

Hairy caterpillar.

Prices natural Fox.

Construction of a health resort.

A sample of the machine.

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Do the simplest

Do the simplest Dolls talk.

Do the simplest cook crystals that can be worn on the hand.

Take a pair of socks and sew buttons on them eyes.

Let dolls talk among themselves.

Arrange a festive teaparty for the child.

For a hundred scrap to maintain a conversation, ask questions what You want tea is cold or warm?

Give you what PHE Chenier or candy?

Feeding of animals.

Explain to your child that a cat loves milk, dog bones, bear honey, etc.

Before put him to feed toy animals.

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WE LEARN And then, in seven years, sing dya in music school, the child suffers because that at him nothing on it luchatsya.

To help the child not to lose musical abilities, absolutely it is not obligatory to be the professional musician.

Besides, it is possible voob shche not to be able to play on anything.

WE LEARN TO LISTEN The rattling boxes Show to the child two subjects which can make sounds, for example when stirring.

The simplest option two boxes different by sight about chalk Kimi subjects.

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Praise her there

Praise her there On sniff!

Explain that the orange and flower smell differently.

The game expands the horizons, familiarizes the child with the concept of parties smell, aroma.

Play queue Help your child to understand the complicated concept generosity.

Give toddler his favorite toy, for example Mish ku.

Talk about.

what he is soft, fluffy, EXT ing.

And take another toy, such as a doll.

Praise her there she is beautiful and elegant!

After a while drag doll baby, and his ask him to give you a bear.

Tell them that those now it's your turn to play with Teddy bear, as it is with the doll.

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