Chapter Remembers multistage instructions if it has enough time on storing and experience Dawson P.

, Guar R.

Your child can do everything.

Chapter .

Improvement of working memory Development of working memory in everyday life .

Look in the face to the child when say him that it has to for to remember.

Minimize all the external distracting factors, if ho Tit that the child paid attention only to you for example, vyklyu to Chita the TV or disconnect a sound.

Ask the child to repeat everything that you told him.

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Slush boots. A glass

Slush boots. A glass Make them suggestions.

Speak every to times, selecting the sound S.

Tie exhibition.

Sputnik space.

Nightingale the bushes.

Snow sledges.

Salt soup Spring icicles.

Elephant pineapple.

Slush boots.

A glass of juice.

Asphaltsa Makat.

Thekremlin correct pronunciation With sound in the proposals.

Clarification of knowledge about the world Listen to the words and clearly, highlighting the sound To repeat them.

Define the time of year for which rum is each subject.

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At a small

At a small spoons before feeding.

At a small appetite the correct relation of adults to food matters child.

It is necessary to prepare various dishes, to prepare favourite dishes for a thicket of others.

At overexcitation it is possible to remove meal for some time.

In hot day liquid reception unsweetened juice, sourmilk increases drinks.

For elimination of avitaminosis it is necessary to enter the maximum quantity of vegetables, fruit, berries, and at a shortcoming vitamin preparations.

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Ry ry ry, it is difficult

Ry ry ry, it is difficult GAME RA RA RA, here's a good game.

Ru ru ru, we play the game.

Ro ro ro, played, drinking lemonade.

Ry ry ry, it is difficult to children without games.

Securing the pronunciation of sound R independently corrected rifovich Listen to every rhythm perepechenko.

To correct errors.

Clearly, highlighting the sound P, say them correctly.

The cow at the gate, On the willow sit pasta, Forty on the road, And in the pan crows.

As Roma at the threshold.

Picture under your bed, I never said it again?

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In addition

In addition Fresh cheese is a product of white or slightly cream colour and has virtually no for groin.

In addition to the normal, cottage cheese, kirabati by even its species such as acidophilus, calcium.

Enter the cheese in a child's diet in to months.

Earlier this should not be done, as in cheese contains contained a lot of protein and minerals, and kidney re the child is still not adapted to the normal excretion of metabolic products from the organism.

To months baby you can give grams of cheese, to months g and in months , Follow these Nord we, as excess can cause an excessive load ku on enzyme and excretory system of the child.

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