And you feel

And you feel And in this spy glass visible gray world Bank fears and strashkin.

See what fears are visible to you through this tube.

Ready you are to meet them and to fight if necessary?

Then let the fairy to move you closer and closer to the shore.

And now fears and stretchline surround you from all sides.

They are very surprised who gets on their Bank?

And they access are getting closer and closer.

And you feel like another moment you will be fully absorbed by them.

But now you feel in the hand of solid magic wand.

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It gives

It gives Let's remember that the music teacher when gives a lesson on a grand piano does.

It gives to the pupil pravil Nov position of a body, gives it concept about notes, shows it compliance between the written note and key, gives statement to fingers, and then orders to do to the child exercise independently.

If you wish to make the pianist of this child, between concepts, it is taught ny the teacher, and musical game the long period of patient exercises has to leak, the fingers developing flexibility coordination of special muscular movements has to become automatic, and muscles of hands have to get stronger in often repeating exercises.

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Psychologists Psychologists emphasize ages especially bright display certain fears years the fear animals, dark, night terrors; years the fear of insects, water, height, fairytale characters; years the fear of misfortunes, fires, catastrophes, fear of school; from to years of fear to die or fear of death in family [, ].

Fears may arise follow those who afraid, and as a reaction to emotionally sensitive situation fear, severe illness of relatives and friends, intractable the conflict in children's institution, the family, and so on.

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Powder Dzhonsons

Powder Dzhonsons For this purpose it is useful to use the special moistening means, for example the moisturizing soap, the moisturizing lotions preventing an obvetrivaniye and drying of skin in hot weather; the moisturizing creams.

However excessive moistening brings to to friction of skin.

Powder Dzhonsons of baby, Byubkhen absorbs surplus of moisture and reduces friction between skin and surrounding fabric and in skin folds.

One more important aspect of care of skin of kids of early age restriction of impact on skin of sunshine is.

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Kindergarten We told you about the cons of vaccination and their advantages which, in our opinion, more.

In this section are just some practical advice for those who are not wish or is not able for whatever reason to be vaccinated.

Kindergarten and school Despite the fact that under the current legislation the child does not have the right to refuse admission to kindergarten or school due to lack of necessary vaccinations, it happens all the time.

The most simple and legal way to insist on pickup IU to write a rejection of vaccination the same as in the clinic.

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