When this

When this The severity of dyspnea may be different .

In some cases the child for shortness of breath calmly plays, he has a good appetite , feeling normal.

But at the slightest physical burden shortness of breath increases , appears blue from of the nose and around the mouth , pulled intercostal space.

When this feeling is getting worse.

Reasons for shortness of breath can be viral in infection, inhaled allergens house dust, pollen, fur and feather home LM the animals, food odors, sometimes high locomotor activity and the inhalation of cold air.

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How to acquaint

How to acquaint GAMES ON the STORIES of ARTS I think that nobody will begin to argue with that art renders on people, and furthermore on small children, beneficial influence.

How to acquaint kids with history of world art zhivop SI, sculptures, architecture?

For a start, of course, it will be required to pick up reproductions and a fotogr fiya.

It is possible to use usual albums with reproductions.

But it, as a rule, very expensive editions to give them to the child for a samostoyatel regard foot you will not become.

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All the time

All the time Stewed cabbage White cabbage leaf, wheat flour h.

spoons, butter h.

spoons, milk glasses, water glasses, salt solution h.


Cabbage to wash, remove a cabbage stump.

Cabbage small to cut and extinguish with addition of water and milk.

When the cabbage becomes soft, to add solution and to extinguish salts more minutes at weak boiling.

All the time to stir slowly, that it was not formed flour lumps.

Cutlets from cabbage White cabbage leaves, onions ?

piece, vegetable oil tablespoon, milk glasses, sour cream tablespoon, sauce tablespoon, egg pieces, salt h.

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In the canned

In the canned Baby same conser you produced in industrial conditions, through OC technology of preparation, keep these vitamins, and besides, they are additionally enriched with beta ka retina, iron, iodine, potassium, and vitamin C is not necessary for the child of the relevant age to licester.

In the canned food no heavy metals, radionuclides and for any harmful substances STV, which can be in vegetables and fruits even with very clean suburban area.

In practice it turns out that the store food you will find cheaper!

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They are not recommended

They are not recommended Thanks to fragrant taste and valuable structure a citrus has to be component of food of children and teenagers, but in limited quantity.

It is necessary to remember that a citrus can become the development reason allergic reaction.

They are not recommended to be used at diseases liver, dismetabolichesky nefropatiya, an urolithic illness, limit their use and at diabetes.

SPICES IN FOOD OF CHILDREN AND TEENAGERS Spices it is various substances of a phytogenesis, added to food for giving to it of spiciness and aroma.

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