You also

You also Observing for your behavior, trying to copy it, the child masters and is uses new skills.

Here the reasonable sequence will help rituals and expectations.

You also use language, giving to the child in struktion.

Through some time it will start applying the same words, first go vorya to them loudly itself to operate the on maintaining.

the internal voice which will be will gradually develop to hear only he.

We should not replace frontal lobes reben all his life.

As soon as it has an internal voice, it will be able to carry out these functions itself.

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NOTE when

NOTE when Then sa economically story, passing the basic meaning heard and eating the exact words and expressions.

NOTE when rereading adult skips to the selected word dei of a child, and calls them by memory.

Remembering the sequence of the words of the action Viy text verb chain helps the child to develop the internal plan of RAS tale and, therefore, facilitates its preparation.

By C.

Bianchi HEDGEHOG SAVIOR Masha awoke early in the morning, jumped up from the bed and how was Bosi com ran into the woods to pick berries.

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The lock result

The lock result When feeding the kid at first greedy is enough the nipple, and then suddenly starts shouting, be curved, refuse unexpectedly from breasts though mother knows that it is hungry.

And at some children it is observed opposite picture locks, the child can recover only with the help enemas.

The lock result of that breast milk badly is digested.

Dysbacteriosis at newborns is connected with violations of microbic flora at mothers, at the personnel is maternity hospital and other people to whom contacts newborn child.

The interesting fact is noticed than later newborn it is attached to a breast, the it is more at it than chances to get dysbacteriosis.

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Therefore, in the future

Therefore, in the future Therefore, in the future elementary schools will accept children like ours, I am able shchy to read and write, able to look after themselves; able to put on, undress and to wash properly; children familiar with rules of good behavior and politeness and quite disciplined in high sense of this word; children who developed and grow in freedom; children who not only quite own the articulate speech, but in initial degree and graphic language and which start practising in the logical speech.

Such children say words distinctly, write with a firm hand and in the movements are full of grace; they are representatives of the mankind which grew in a beauty stump, infantile faziz victorious mankind; they are reasonable and patient observers of the environment, and a form their intellectual freedoms gift of spontaneous, direct judgment.

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They can start

They can start They sometimes torture sya to start talking to the schoolmate, the brother, the teacher or someone from give rise pour or distract on the events around.

They can start playing the fool, not to obey or complain of fatigue actually complex challenges really tire some children.

They are not ready simply ska to zat I do not know how to make it.

Of course, some it is honest in it at are known, but it is too frequent on this truthful statement parents or teachers answer Of course, you know how to make it.

It is simple.

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