Rule first

Rule first It follows from the above that in no case it is impossible to give the baby a multicomponent juices, until you have not seen a response to each of the components juice this mixture.

This, incidentally, applies to all the others but o foods vegetables, fruits, meat.

Rule first individually and then in the mix must be adhered to!


First it is best to enter into the diet baby carrot and Apple juice.

They can easily do in the home, but it is better to buy the special Cake for your child from the first months and older real baby juices why, I will discuss in the Chapter On bathe juice for the baby.

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They must

They must They must to be at the same level .


At survey side well you can see the curvature of the spinal post at different levels .

Spin can be round, flat, with a significant the curvature in the lumbar spine .

Please attention to the shape of the abdomen .

Very protruding stomach is a sign spinal deformity or weakness muscle tissue of the stomach.

How to prevent scoliosis .

Provide the child the correct mode rest and physical activities load allows PART I I.

CHILDHOOD DISEASES the lamp must be alternated with a rest at the lying position.

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We need

We need To complementary feeding should be approached very answer the divine.

We need to start with small amounts less than teaspoon, gradually increasing volume.

Otherwise there is a risk to expose the infant stress and to provoke intolerance of one form or another products.

Moles Matures, there's growing demand.


The first introduce complementary foods at the age from to IU months.

Specific terms may vary depending STI health status and individual stay baby.

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The clap

The clap Read, and baby let repeats movement.

The clap clap your hands!

Time easily hit yourself on the knees!

More clap your hands Time easily hit yourself on the knees!

We will pohledem now clap your hands!

Now, hurry, hurry!

Sleepy, sleepy more fun leaning forward quickly slepite hands in front of you!

Game develops fine motor skills.

Went to go!

Put the crumbs in a chair, and they sit in front.

Chi make a rhyme and show movement, and he let for you repeats Went quietly hands alternately lightly touch the knee, And quickly, and quickly clap hands of paperman but on his knees in an ever increasing pace, And came slightly tilt your head and put his hands on his knees Game develops a sense of rhythm and imagination.

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Ellen with

Ellen with Mother saw that daily homeworks usually minutes on mathematics and minutes on grammar do not make to a probla we, but when to the list it is added two more or three incomplete in a class works, Ellen starts resisting; often everything comes to an end with tears.

Ellen says that tries to perform work in a class, but is very occupied another matters.

Mother decided that that is necessary that to undertake.

Ellen with mother met the teacher.

They discussed a problem, and mother told that houses the girl copes with tasks, when better segments them and installs the timer for performance by everyone from them.

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